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Announcing UltraPdf

UltraPdf is an exciting, new way to publish and share digital photographs, PDF, and HTML documents. UltraPdf binds multiple photos and documents into a single, indexed UPDF file making it easy to organize and distribute digital photo albums, project documents and presentations. PhotoShare is the first of our specialized products to take advantage of the UPDF format, specifically designed for managing and emailing your digital images.

UltraPDF displays UPDF files in the Web browser. A content index appears to the left of the photo and document frame. Users create UltraPdf documents by selecting photos, PDF, HTML, and Flash documents and arranging them in an index. UltraPdf compresses the photos and documents and index into a UPDF file suitable for publishing online, sharing or archiving.

UltraPdf includes support for automated slide shows. UltraPdf is available as a free download (180K).

Sample UltraPdf documents are available here. Do you have a UPDF to share?

License Keys now available: $9.95

Interested in creating UltraPdf files programmatically?
An UltraPdf SDK (Software Development Kit) is available. Please contact support@software995.com for more information.

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